Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday... Part 2

So.... I'm here for another update ^_^ I was very busy in the office after my last update. I found a couple of websites that I'm going to check out before I go to sleep. There was another event in the works the I am about to describe. Well, around 4:30, all of the interns packed in the van that we use to go...... Shopping!!!!!!! Well, it was food shopping, but we needed it all the same lol.
We went to the WalMart a few miles away from campus to stock up on supplies. I got mostly snack foods, or foods that didn't have to be cooked. I also got some water and juice, and cereal. I then went and got some detergent for washing my clothes. After everyone got their food, it started to rain as we were finishing up inside. By the time we were loading the food into the van, it was pouring outside. After the van was packed, and the people outside were throughly soaked, we make a quick stop at the outdoor store before going back to the dorms. There was a nice little task in front of the interns and I. We had to take up all the stuff we bought from the store, along with the different living articles that were stored for the interns from last the pouring rain >_< When I got there, I have a phone conversation with my father. While I was back in the office, I saved the work I was working on onto my jumpdrive and left the office. The walk back was peaceful because It wasn't raining. I only realized that I left my jumpdrive in the Mac at the office when I got back to the dorms. So I went back to the office again. Only this time, it started raining harder than before, and it rained going to the office, and comming back. When I got back, I barely missed dinner. Everyone was looking for me when I got back lol. I was thinking about leaving after dinner, but that thought wasn't as dominate as getting my work so I could look at it later... Well, dinner was great, and now I'm sitting at my desk, looking at the info I got earlier. Well folks, until we meet again....


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