Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tiring Day

What's up everybody? Time for another update ^_^ Well, Things got off to a slow start because I was realy tired this morning. Note to all that read this post: Never play Dance Dance Revolution until 2:00 am, and stay up until 3:30-4:00 am. It's not good for the body or the mind. Anyways, I started my day around 11:45 am. I did the daily activities for the morning that everyone does, and then I walked to my workspace at the office. I tried to continue my research at the office, but I couldn't do everything that I wanted to do because the program I was using for one task was undergoing maintainence, and then the internet went down, so I couldn't really look for anymore information. Oh, but before the internet went down, I got to talk to my mentor, Dr. Newby. I gave him the updated info that I found before all of the road blocks appeared. It seems that there are different interfaces that can be used to either covert, or reconfigure the information from ARSC's weather data for implementation in Second Life and Google Earth. The only downfall for the Google Earth implementation is that we will have to use image layers instead of vector graphics. So no true 3D in Google Earth >_< But i guess it's ok because the visualization would take forever to load. After leaving the office, My room mate Nathan Shemonski, from Elon University, and I chilled in the room until dinner was ready. Then, we headed down to the kitchen to ear dinner. Two of the interns, Marice Uy from Smith College and Art Mahoney from Utah State University, cooked macaroni and cheese and broccoli. We also had tortillas and sauce. The food was great and everyone talked about different aspects of the day and events happening tomorrow like the ice cream social. After dinner, I decided to play some more DDR, but I downloaded some new songs so I could try them out. I am unfortunate to say that they are almost humanly impossible to play on a DDR pad, unless you practice. After I gased out, I decided to write my update and to catch my breath. Well, until we meet again....


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