Monday, June 11, 2007

First Weekend ^_^

Hey everyone ^_^ Just thought I would give a big update about the weekend, since it's the weekend ^_~ lol Ok, we start with friday. On friday, after the end of the workday, the interns and I were headed to the ARSC Ice Cream social. Unfortunately, I can't eat ice cream, but I settled for a nice bottle of root beer ^_^ Ok, after the ice cream social, we waited for about a half an hour until the REU interns were ready to leave to go to their coolout. We invited one of the REU interns, Brian, to our ice cream social, so he in turn invited us to the cookout. The cookout was at one of the REU mentor's house. The house was nice, and the food was great. We enven got a chance to try some moose! Surprizingly, it was beef but less salty ^_^, which was cool. After the cookout, we came back to the dorms and Art and Marice cooked macaroni -n- cheese and broccoli for dinner. The food, again, was great and then I stayed up as late as I could until I crashed lol.
On Saturday, I mostly stayed at the dorms because I was alseep while everyone else when out. I stopped at the office to use a scanner to scan a few pictures, and then I came back to the dorms. I met up with Brian again and he, Nathan, Art and I found Hannah, one of the RAs that worked in the dorm. She offered to show us here view of Fairbanks form her room so we obliged. While we were there, we had small talk about Fairbanks and the like. It was really interesting to hear about life in Alaska, and how cold it gets up here. After the mini room party, we headed to my room to burn some games so we could play them, in particular, Guitar Hero 2 ^_^ Nathan, Brian and I played that until Nathan left. Then we played Dance Dance Revolution, and Blitz: The League. Blitz: The League is by far, the second greatest Blitz game ever made ^_^ After that, I stayed up and downloaded games to my computer before I crashed and fell asleep.
On sunday, I woke up kinda late because of crashing again >_<>_< Oh, well. Maybe next time.... After Jeopardy, Brian, Nathan, Zack, and I went downstairs to the first floor lounge to play Guitar Hero 2. After everyone but Brian and I were left, we played Blitz the league again until we got tired. Now, I here, trying to decide whether to go to sleep or not, since I have a tutorial at 10 that I cant miss.... We'll find out what happens on the next post! Until we meet again....


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